When I was an undergrad, I was under the impression that the only opportunity for mathematical growth was a "research experience for undergrads" or equivalent program. I used to think places like the NSF REU Site or mathprograms.org were comprehensive. It is not the case.

Now that I am in graduate school, I noticed that this problem is arguably worse. The way that I get updates regarding possible opportunities is through emails (usually with the due dates unreasonably close). Recently, relative to penning this statement, I was emailed about a conference that started a hour before I got the email, in the next city over. While this site is not designed to inform you of conferences (yet), it does illustrate the fast and lose nature that is my programs distribution of opportunities.

When I ran into Steve Butler from Iowa State University, he mentioned that he too was frustrated with the state of the math programs accessibility and even has been running his own version of this site. Some platforms require money to post opportunities, other platforms are exclusive to specific types, some opportunities don't put themselves out there. So I aim to make something that should fix the problem by allowing anyone to post these opportunities.

This is by no means the only place that you should use to find opportunities. Overtime, I hope to use this platform to add more functionality. This could range from user authentication to email reminders to automatic scrapers. For now, you can check the road map on the roadmap page. The more people that use this platform, the better it will be.

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